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or, you know... or should it just be me? yeah, you know what, i think that'd be better. get out, go, go, go. just me. oh, i wasn't ready... hi! those were very fun for me to work on. knowing every line of those movies inside and out, it was fun to kind of go through it and make fun of it. you know, tell the jokes that you'd always think of saying. where am i? jabba's palace. who are you? someone who loves you. whoa, you are smothering me and i need my spe. some of my favorite gags from the sies come out of some of those episodes. i love in the first star wars episode when they're in the trash compactor and peter finds an old ratty couch. peter: whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop, stop, stop. what? what? what? what? no, no, no, twist it. i am. no, no, no, no. no, no, no, other way. you're twisting it the wrong way. which way? what do you want me to do? just look down, all right? just look at me, look what i'm doing. yeah. all right, see the way i'm twisting it? yeah. all right, turn it that way from your end. okay. okay, just...
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no, no, no, no... what? all right, hey, just put it down. put it down, just drop it. all right. we were able to use all that great john williams music. i mean, they really gave us the tools to do this right, and... and it was because they trusted us. they knew that we were fans and that we weren't gonna... we weren't gonna destroy their property. (train whistle blowing) (people talking indistinctly) i say, brian, look, three rows down. what? is that tom bosley? what would tom bosley be doing on a train in switzerland? i'm almost certain. tom! did he look? i don't know. well, if i yell, you have to watch. tom bosley! no, it's not him. huh. the road shows have been a lot of fun. we started with "road to rhode island" in season one. and, uh, seth had this idea to do an episode based on those bob hope, bing crosby road shows. seth, as you probably know, loves bob hope.
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and, you know, is very familiar with those movies and the music from those movies and... so, i think that having "road to..." with brian and stewie, they're sort of our bing crosby and bob hope. up until that point stewie had kind of existed in his own world. he would talk to rupert and hatch diabolical schemes. and brian meanwhile was kind of peter's sidekick. and they were kind of separate. and this was the first time we kind of paired those two, and it just clicked. okay, if everything worked properly this should be the exact time and place that mort was sent to. now, we've just got to figure out where we are. or when we are. from that point forward we started pairing stewie and brian together on stories, 'cause they were so good together. and it's a perfect example of how you can create a show and then your writing style... other people coming in, in this case, the writing staff, can find things in your characters that you didn't see initially.
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the brian-stewie relationship which now seems so obvious was not something that i thought of when i was creating the show. they're always sort of busting each other's chops and, uh, antagonistic towards each other, but they're also... i think they've evolved into their best friends. (stammering) can i just say before... can we just like take two... i love... you're so brave. i just love how brave you're being right now. this is like the closest i've ever felt to you. okay. oh, my god, i was thinking the same thing. we are so us right now. do you know that? macfarlane: and the brian-stewie episode, more than anything, we did to explore whether or not two animated characters with just a single room can sustain a half hour purely on the strength of their characters. we thought that it might be interesting to try an episode where it was almost like watching a play. where it was one location, two people on stage,
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no cutaways, nothing, just dialogue for 22 minutes. it was very polarizing. people either loved it or they hated it. they thought it was revolutionary, or they thought it was just... you know, they couldn't get past the stewie diaper thing. (all gasp) (gasps) look! (screams) he's dead. oh, my god. nice. "and then there were fewer" was our first 16x9 episode, when we went from this to this. and, um, we thought we'd do this big splashy visual episode. i love that episode because it's the first time we've really told a story that complex. so james woods murdered stephanie and then he murdered himself. criss-cross. the animators did an amazing job. the artists and the directors and everybody that worked on that. it looks so great to watch
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and the score is amazing. it's just a lush score all the way throughout. we use anywhere from a 50 to, in some cases, a 90-piece orchestra for every episode of the show. even if people don't know that what they're hearing is live music, is a live orchestra, on a subconscious level it classes up the show. i know that it happens to be one of seth's favorite episodes to this day. and i think he really liked approaching it like a movie. mr. peter. mr. joe. mr. bonnie. (whispers) she doesn't know what "mistmeans. mr. mort. mr. muriel. mayor west mister. oh, my god, seriously.
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turned out to be a mutual attraction. and the westgate cousins went old school to decide who pays the check, all over delicious entrees like new santa cruz steak from our $20 dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here.
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 (singing) ♪ take me out to place tonight ♪ to a bathroom stall delight ♪ where a girl will help you empty ♪ every last electrolyte ♪ now everybody gather 'round and listen if you would ♪ when i tell you every person needs a way of feeling good ♪ every kitty needs a ball of string and every dog a stick ♪ but all you need is a bag of weed to really get a kick ♪ ♪ me and jesus
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♪ come and hug and squeeze us ♪ 'cause you know that he's a simply christ-errific dude ♪ we do a lot of musical numbers in family guy. which is fun for us. seth is a big music fan. and he's very skilled at executing them. ♪ now a woman who'll kiss on a very first date ♪ is usually a hussy ♪ and a woman who'll kiss on the second time out ♪ is anything but fussy ♪ but a woman who'll wait 'till the third time around ♪ head in thes, cloud feet on the ground ♪ she's the girl he's glad he's found ♪ she's his shipoopi macfarlane: shipoopi was so elaborately choreographed and then the visuals, which dan povenmire, the director, spent a ton of time working on, really hit every point in the orchestration. and the thing that i've always loved about the show is... when i talk to my son and his friends, you know, they don't know what shipoopi is. they might not know, you know, who gene kelly was, but they're loving the musical, you know, segments.
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and it's like, how did seth make 10 million teenage boys fans of musicals? ♪ it's a wonderful day for pie ♪ you can ask all the birds in the sky ♪ and they'll tell you real sweet, with a musical tweet ♪ it's a wonderful day for pie ♪ our season seven premiere was an episode called "road to the multiverse." and there's this great musical number called it's a wonderful day for pie, which is, you know, as devoid of content as it sounds. itlois singing about how much they love pie. but the animation in that sequence is amazing. visually, it was just fantastic to see our characters animated in a disney style. i just thought that was so well done. and it was a lot of fun. uh, and we sort of improvised some of the lyrics in the room. seth just came out with... (as peter) ♪ it's a wonderful day for pie and one of us goes... (as cleveland) ♪ and it smells so much better than i ♪
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it was cleveland as a skunk and it just came together. and, uh, that was a great piece. one of my favorites. ♪ i know you just can't wait to stare ♪ at all that luscious orange hair ♪ but, boy, before you touch a single curl ♪ you must impress that ultra-bloomin' ♪ all-consumin', poorly groomin' ♪ down's syndrome girl the down's syndrome girl song was fun for me because it was the first time i had written lyrics and a tune. which i basically went in and sang for walter murphy who then arranged it and actually made it sound good. it's a lot of fun for us to... you know, to write a song lyric and have a great composer like walter murphy or ron jones set it to music. ♪ each bell would peal with a silvery zeal ♪ as the holiday feeling was filling us ♪ but now instead, all we're feeling is dread ♪ because christmastime is killing us ♪ when we did our christmas episode, i had originally envisioned something like rudolph
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that had, like, four or five, six musical numbers in it. we ended up, like, doing two or three. and i had written this lyric about how... i was making a comment on how crazy christmas has become and what it takes out of us all. and when the smoke cleared, it was a success. and we were nominated for an emmy. but also, a great unexpected thrill was we were nominated for a grammy. ♪ you have aids ♪ yes, you have aids ♪ not hiv but full blown aids ♪ macfarlane: i think the first song that the barbershop quartet did was the aids song. and that's a perfect example of another reason for using that orchestra and trying to be so musically legit. because it allows you to get away with content that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get away with. yeah, talk about making a subject matter a little more palatable. people love the absurdity of these guys singing such an outrageous lyric, but what seth appreciates about it is
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how unbelievably talented these guys are and were in these pieces, musically. it provides a musical cushion that prevents you from being completely crass, if you're being that crass in the first place. ♪ you'll never have to wear a condom ♪ when you do it with your wife ♪ or anyone else you do it with ♪ we promise not to tell i also like the little things that we do here and there, like, stewie singing little folk songs, stewie making up his own, you know, little songs, talking about, you know, "playing the g-chord "and here we go to the d-chord." ♪ then brian comes in and i change up the tempo ♪ brian comes in and it changes the song ♪ looking at me like he thinks i'm a douche bag ♪ but he's gonna learn pretty fast that he's wrong ♪ hey, brian, why are you bringing me down, man?
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♪ why are you bringing me down? ♪ don't bring me down! music and lyrics by stewie griffin. [ male announcer ] want to make a great car interior? stop looking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪
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tonight a gunman on the run after a shooting at a taco bell, the manager hit by several bullets. >> we now know more about what led to the resignation of cia director david petraeus. we'll have the new information. >> and veterans day remembrances in the nation's capital coming up tonight at 10:00. macfarlane: it's amazing to me that the show has had the cultural impact that it has. for a long while, the simpsons was really the only show that had broken out in this way and i always hoped we would have a prayer of maybe doing that as well. and i think we've done that. ah! smith: one of the great things now is that we're syndicated. so, we're on all the time. and old people like us now. i have an auntie philly who's 92. she loves family guy and she won't let any of her friends in the room when it's on
10:18 pm
because old people talk back to the television. she wants to hear it. old woman: what? old man: huh? what? huh? what? i forget. i said it before, but we're so thankful to our fans for bringing the show back from the dead, that i almost feel like we owe it to them to give 110% every day to every episode. i try to interact with the fans as much as i can. i don't know if you can see right now, but i'm actually eight months pregnant. and this is a fan's baby. you get crazy when you're pregnant. (laughing) (sobbing) i feel like if you love me from afar then the least i can do is love you back. and if that means carrying your child, so be it. i love my fans. keep digging, you know? it feels like there's no more stories to tell and then we dig for a while and something pops up that, "oh, we haven't done that." (roaring) what's next is, i guess, episode 300. and i'll have even more gray hair and bigger circles under my eyes. i'm here for the early bird special.
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macfarlane: a family guy movie would be a logical extension. but, with an animated show, you can do pretty much anything. there's nothing you can't do. so what is the reason to make a movie? without giving anything away, i think we've hit on the answer to that. so when that family guy movie does come around, sufficeth to say, it will be something that is not do-able on tv. (farts) sorry. it's been building up for a while. i don't have a favorite character at this point. i'm recoding voices so much. hiya, pardner. i'm a cattle rustler. i rustle cattle. oh, that's turning out good. i'm partial to brian. brian. brian steele. ooh, good heavens! he's the only character that i don't leave the booth with a sore throat. seems to me you should send less time working for the paper and more time working on that novel you've been working on...
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ah! this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we take care of our veterans. we take care of your families, not just by saluting you on one day once a year but by fighting
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for you and your families every day of every year. >> today our nation honors the men and women who have fought or are currently fighting for your freedom. thanks for joining us tonight. happy veterans day. i'm laura evans. >> i'm maureen umeh. there were several veterans day ceremonies held cross the d.c. area today. thousands showed up to pay tribute to heroes in arlington national cemetery and at the world war ii memorial in d.c. >> today marks a very special day to remember the fallen from more recent conflict, the vietnam war. fox's steve centanni has more on that. >> reporter: the 30th anniversary of the vietnam memorial's dedication and the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. 4million people visit the vietnam memorial every year, but few were prepared for the emotional impact of seeing the names carved in the black granite or the reflection of your own face staring back. at the ceremony today the
10:22 pm
secretary of veterans affairs echoed that impression. >> others may have said in touching names you know back in time and connect with those who remain as young and vibrant as when you last saw them and in that instant this granite memorial and the visit or are one. no other monument i know of attains this level of intimacy. >> reporter: a total of 58,000 americans were killed in vietnam. at the world war ii memorial, a more recent addition to the washington landscape, a few 100 world war ii vets were honored. their numbers are dwindling since the war ended 68 years ago. their numbers are now in the 80s and 90s. >> it's great to see the reception the veterans get. we're treated like royalty which didn't happen before. >> keep the colors flying. it is very difficult with the young people today. i realize it in the world we're
10:23 pm
in, but don't give up and stay with the american spirit. >> reporter: 16 million americans served in world war ii and about 400,000 lost their lives. in washington steve centanni, fox news. what a beautiful veterans day we've had, a reminder of what fall is usually like around here, sunshine, mild temperatures. >> gwen tolbart is in the fox 5 weather center with the details. >> absolutely right, what a great day. if you liked saturday, you really liked today because it was even warmer with a lot more sunshine. let's look at our maps and show you where things are at now. we've got some clouds rolling. in they'll fill in a bit overnight, but overall skies were clear today with no shortage of sunshine. this hour it is still fairly mild outside, 53 degrees now at reagan national airport, 56 at annapolis, 52 at baltimore, 60 at fredericksburg to the south. that's the same at dulles and 45 at martinsburg. so for tonight becoming partly cloudy, some light winds, but
10:24 pm
light southerly wind flow and that wind will stick around into tomorrow. the week starts warm but a little unsettled. we've got a little change coming up in the forecast. i'll have those details a bit later on, but overall today was absolutely thumbs up, a great day for all our veterans. a confrontation outside a fast food restaurant ends with the manager shot several times. it happened early this morning outside a taco bell in columbia, maryland. tonight the manager is fighting for his life. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom with the story. >> that taco bell restaurant is in a strip mall just off snowden river parkway in columbia. there's an auto parts store there, a beauty supply shop, several fast food outlets and a senior living facility next- door. most considered it safe until now. small groups of teens and young adults have stopped by the taco bell on minstrel way all day after hearing what happened to the manager. police say he was shot several
10:25 pm
times by two men he confronted outside the store just before 1 a.m. >> he always has a smile and greets people. he's always nice, so it's just really terrible. >> reporter: witnesses say the incident actually began with an altercation at this pizza hut and then spilled over into the taco bell parking lot and a manager there wound up right in the middle of it. bria wilson's friend works at the taco bell. >> she told me the manager had walked outside and then he got shot because i guess they got in an altercation in the parking lot. >> reporter: the manager made it back inside after he was shot and two employees called 911. he was flown by helicopter to baltimore's shock trauma where he's listed in critical condition. >> it's scary. i mean we've lived here a couple years. i haven't heard of anything like that this close to home. >> it's not a good day. >> reporter: ever hear of trouble in this strip mall before? >> first time hearing trouble here. >> reporter: we called the
10:26 pm
corporate office for taco bell to see if we could find out more about the manager who was shot. they have not returned our phone call. police say they don't have a motive yet, but the investigation continues. new information tonight in the developing story about retired general david petraeus. a senior military official says a state department employee complained about harassing e- mail from petraeus biographer paula broadwell. jill kelley is a social liaison to la dill pbs in tampa. the fbi investigated -- air force base in tampa. the phish investigat -- the fbi investigated and now lawmakers are demanding more information. >> reporter: the fbi never gave anyone in congress a heads up david petraeus was the center of an investigation and
10:27 pm
the chairwoman plans an investigation of her own to find out why. senator feinstein also revealed that the petraeus broadwell affair came to light while the bureau was trying to figure out who was harassing another female friend of petraeus over e-mail. >> what i've been told is that there was somebody else that he knew and was close to and that mrs. broadwell sent these threatening e-mails to her and she was frightened and she went to the fbi. >> reporter: petraeus is no longer expected to testify before congress about the deadly 9/11 raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, but republican senator lindsey graham says the truth will never come out if petraeus keeps quiet forever. >> we have a national security failure along in the making. i don't see how in the world you can fine out what happened in benghazi -- find out what happened many benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: a whistleblower
10:28 pm
got ahold of republican congressman dave reich neither october to alert him to a national security concern -- reichert in october to alert him to a national security concern tied to this affair. eric cantor's chief of staff alerted the fbi october 31st, but the white house says president obama first learned of at fair november 8th which means two republican congressmen knew about the fbi investigation focusing on the cia director well before the president did. in washington peter doocy, fox news. >> jill kelly has no official status as a liaison. she's known as an honorary ambassador. let's get some more insight with our fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. good to see you as always, mark. >> good to be here. >> given what we just heard that at least two republicans knew about the affair before the president, does this whole issue about timing, the timing of general petraeus' resignation, does it have any legs? >> well, we'll see how much the
10:29 pm
republican party and in particular committee chairmen push on this matter. the idea that it could have been an election issue and that it was stalled or delayed in terms of the information is surely going to come to the fore. dianne feinstein, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee says national security isn't involved. if republicans feel there was a breach of national security, i think feel push and push very aggressively. >> but to what end? >> well, the idea first of all, i think the last report is true. i think republicans want the general to come and testify about benghazi and think want that to be settled and the second matter is they make sure that national security in no way was compromised. >> so let's talk about the other big national news, the looming fiscal cliff. both democrats, republicans talking a good game of working together. what are some of the options and could real compromise be had here? >> well, i talked to former
10:30 pm
congressman tom davis who feels they'll do what congress usually does which is delay, that is, do what you're hearing all this different nomenclature, maureen, downpayment, a significant downpayment, something specific that would extend the january 1 deadline when the sequestration was supposed to start. others say look, why don't you take advantage of a lame dug session. lame duck, that mean -- duck session. lame duck that, means the people will vote for something because they're not returning for office and that's also the definition of what new revenues are. the democrats say that those that make over $250,000 a year should be taxed more. the republicans say we're not going tax but maybe we'll put a cap on deductions or eliminate some deductions, but the president has the ultimate leverage. he can let the tax not expire and then we'll really see what's going on and they feel he's emboldened by the
10:31 pm
election results. >> i was going say given the election results can either party afford to play hardball here and not compromise? >> well, we'll soon find out. it seems to me we're just at the formation of it. i think they need more time to come up with a comprehensive deal and we'll see. the president buckled the last two times. we'll see if he buckles this time. is he more fortified. they have 55 -- he is more fortified. they have 55 seats in the senates and they gained six seats in the house. >> former chairman kwame brown will be sentenced in a few days. u.s. attorney general ron machen promised to root out public corruption. he's only recommending six days in jail over three weeks. what message does this send? >> well, richard leon is the federal judge that will pronounce sentence on kwame brown, former city council chairman tuesday, and many people i'm talking to won't be
10:32 pm
surprised if he doesn't do something unprecedented and doesn't take the recommends of the u.s. attorney. it's considered much toilinet yet and does not send a message to other -- much too lenient and does not send a message to other officials about public corruption and you'll remember that kwame brown came late and didn't report and many people feel that was offensive to the court. so it might not be six days. it might be somewhat longer, much longer. >> i guess we'll find out tuesday. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, as always, thank you. just ahead tonight, there was another veterans day service in arlington today to pay tribute to a fallen story. we've got his story and we're highlighting other veterans day services in our area. >> at least two people dead and dozens of homes damaged in indianapolis following a massive overnight explosion. the news at 10:00 will return in a few minutes. 
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the john lion vfw post 3150 worked with the american hedge onto honor those who served in the u.s. military including a 23-year-old marine killed in combat this year. the ceremony was held in a second place in the heart of the clarendon neighborhood. fox 5 peace lauren demarco was there -- fox 5's lauren demarco was there. >> reporter: it's directly across from popular restaurants like spider kelly's and the clarendon ballroom. hundreds of people walk through this intersection every day but few realize the significance of the structure here. the clarendon war memorial honors veterans native to arlington who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> today we recognize with pride all veterans who served honorably both past and present. >> reporter: this veterans day members of the military, their
10:37 pm
families and loved ones gathered at the memorial. in addition to an annual remembrance ceremony, a special wreath was laid in honor of lance corporal nile cody sears, the first arlington combat vet lost this year in afghanistan. >> those who chose to serve after 9/11 knowing full well the rainfalls they were to face. >> reporter: cody -- the risks they were to takes. >> reporter: cody sears wrote poetry and read textbooks for fun and his mother says he was a musical genius. >> restless spirit i have to say. i think that's what made him join the marines, but once he joined he was very proud to be a marine and really felt like this was his mission in life. >> reporter: organizers hope that the sacrifice of lance corporal cody sears and his family serves as an inspiration for generations of arlingtonians to come. they also hope to enlighten
10:38 pm
residents about other community members from the past who gave their lives to protect our freedom. >> couldn't be a better place because this monument is very historic. actually the stones were brought in from arlington cemetery when unfortunately they had to make more room to bury casualties from the vietnam war. >> reporter: the american legion has hosted veterans day at this monument over 30 years, but it's now renewed effort using facebook and other social media sites to grow the event. >> i think we've accomplished something in that sense of educating people a little bit more about arlington history and the veterans that have come from this county and while not everyone may be a soldier or marine or a sailor or airman, they can certainly support one. >> reporter: in arlington lauren demarco, fox 5 news. >> some veterans were treated to lunch, a football game and family fun at d.c. armory today. the district's national guard members were invited to join
10:39 pm
operation home front. brian orakpo even came to say thanks. >> your families and everything that it takes to protect us and this great country, so i appreciate it. that's why any time i have the chance to come out and talk to the veterans in our country i take that opportunity to make sure i get out there. >> operation home front helps military families in need during and after deployment. an alert from metro riders tomorrow. trains will operate on a saturday schedule. faces will open at 5 a.m. and close at midnight -- stations will open at 5 a.m. and close at midnight. off peak fares will be in effect all day and parking will be free. riders will want to add more time because there will be scheduled track work on the red, orange and green lines. it's been nearly two weeks since the northeast was rocked by superstorm sandy. >> coming up how recovery efforts are going in new york and new jersey. we'll be right back. 
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the big apple honoring veterans with its annual veterans day parade. thousands of people lined up along fifth avenue showing their support for the men and women who serve this country. included in the parade were several nypd officers and world trade center volunteers. this wasn't your usual sunday gathering in new york. nearly 4,000 rabbis came out in brooklyn today to help with sandy relief efforts. the rabbis traveled to new york from more than 25 countries. tomorrow it will be two weeks since superstorm sandy pounded the northeast. the road to recovery has just begun for the hard hit areas. >> some are still waiting for the lights to come back on. fox's anna coyman has the latest. >> reporter: outage numbers from the power companies can be misleading as to how many people are truly still cold and in the dark. that's because there are tens of thousands of storm ravaged victims whose electrical equipment is so waterlogged power crews can't even get in to bring their service back. that equipment must be
10:44 pm
repaired, tested and then certified. after protests by angry residents and an investigation into the power company was called by new york governor andrew cuomo criticizing them for being unprepared and badly managed, the chief operating officer of the long island power authority contends his workers are repairing unprecedented storm damage as fast as they can. about 6,400 linemen and 3,700 tree trimmers are at work compared with 200 linemen on a normal day. the red cross says they have already invested 40 to $50 million in superstorm sandy recovery aid. they are operating in a new phase trying to get people supplies to sustain their own lives beyond just surviving. the red cross is also encouraging everyone to clean up as much as they can to prohibit mold growth and are warning about other health concerns. >> in this neighborhood we have reports that someone passed away because they had a generator in a garage and that's exactly the sorts of
10:45 pm
things you can't do. >> reporter: in new jersey long beach island residents are experiencing their first full day back in their homes. state officials began allowing nearly all homeowners back yesterday morning to survey the damage and collect their belongings. residents were ordered to evacuate before the storm made landfall october 29th. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is touring some of the hardest hit areas. she's in staten island today and also meeting with multiple agencies that have responded following superstorm sandy. president obama will be in the region on thursday. in oceanside, new york anna coyman, fox news. coming up police need your help to catch a pair of crooks. two suspects caught on camera robbing a convenience store in alexander, we've got all the details. >> what felt like an earthquake turned out to be an explosion in indianapolis, what authorities know so far following the deadly blast, those stories next when we return. eees, dndp aill
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. following a news alert out of alexandria tonight, two suspects are on the loose after an armed holdup at an alexandria 7-eleven. the robbery was caught on tape. police are looking to the public to help identify the suspects. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with the latest on this story. >> it was a frightening encounter for the clerk at that 7-eleven on kenmore avenue. he was roughed up by the two suspects but fortunately not seriously hurt. police want you to take a good look at this surveillance video to see if you recognize either of the two men who tried to rob that store. >> on tuesday, october 30th, at 3:17 a.m. two suspects entered the business. >> there's added drama to the surveillance video on the official alexandria police website. >> one of them jumped over the counter while the other one went around the counter and grabbed the clerk. that suspect displayed a handgun and held the clerk while the other suspect went for the cash register.
10:50 pm
>> they've added narration so the public knows exactly what is going on. police say this incident is serious because the armed robbers may have committed other robberies in the region. >> there's been a few in this area and my understanding is that in fairfax county has well there's been a couple similar in nature. >> we showed the video to a 7- eleven customer who said he used to live across the street. he was stunned, especially since the robbery happened the night hurricane sandy blew through the area and most people were at home. >> it seems like this start happening -- yeah, this really kind of quiet. it really is surprising. >> surveillance cameras are prominently placed outside the strip mall and sandwich store and bank on either side of the 7-eleven. there's a camera and monitor visible as soon as you walk into the convenience store. >> this is also the time of year when these type of offenses pick up coming into the holiday season. >> reporter: take another good look at suspects.
10:51 pm
>> maybe they get them caught. >> reporter: both suspects are dark skinned black males. one is around 5' 10, weighs about 170 pounds wearing a red hooded sweat shirt, black puffy jacket with black jeans. the other suspect is 5' 8, about 170 pounds wearing a red hat, black warm-up jacket with white stripes on both arms and dark pant. hard to see faces, but -- pants. hard to season faces, but if you recognize either of the two suspects, alexandria police would like to hear from now. anyone who contacts them can remain anonymous. prince george's county police are looking for a killer in lewisdale. just before 1:30 this morning they were called to charleston place and drexel street for a shooting where they found 20- year-old edwin loyola who later died at the hospital. another big story tonight, a massive explosion in an indianapolis home that either
10:52 pm
destroyed or damaged dozens more. tonight two people are dead and people from 3 miles away are talking about what they felt. fox's healther childers has more. >> it looks like a war zone. >> reporter: a huge explosion sparks a fire in an indianapolis neighborhood late saturday night, some three dozen homes damaged or leveled by the deadly blast that could be felt 3 miles away. >> the whole house shook, things falling off the walls. >> reporter: residents heard a loud explosion that blew out windows and caused ceilings to crash down. many rushed outside to help others in need. >> we heard people yelling, so we went in, pulled out two daughters and then the husband was trapped under a lot of debris, got him out and then the wife was trapped in a recliner, finally got her out, flames started taking that house over. >> reporter: crews are going through homes one by one now that the fire is out. >> they are going to categorize those homes as inhabitable,
10:53 pm
homes that we cannot let anyone in or homes that we can let people come and we will escort them in. >> reporter: the cause of the blast and subsequent blaze is still under investigation. the local energy company says there were no reports of a gas leak prior to the incident. >> it's an unmistakable odor. it travels a good distance, so usually when there's a leak, people will detect it. >> reporter: more than 200 people were evacuated from surrounding homes and at least seven people were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. fire officials say everyone else has been accounted for. in new york heather childers, fox news. sports is next on the news at 10:00. coming up it's take two for the hoyas, georgetown basketball hits the hardwood after friday's strange ending to the season's tip-off. scott is up next. >> today temperatures again well above seasonal, but look at the variance in the country. we've got some cooler air on the backside and, folks, it's heading our way. i'll have the details.
10:54 pm
stay with us. we'll be back after the break.
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we're talking college hoops and something pretty cool. >> interesting conditions for them. >> yeah. on friday, yes, certainly interesting conditions any time you can play out in the middle of the ocean. that's a unique environment, but not today. they were in board safely. if you've ever played hoops on board an aircraft carrier or had a basketball game canceled due to intracoastal waterway evening humidity, consider yourself in exclusive company. georgetown basketball got both on friday. the opener doesn't go as planned, but another chance to tip off the season tonight hosting duquesne at the horizon center. in the 1st half nate lubick to otto porter and an off balance shot but no good. hopkins is there.
10:58 pm
porter left in the 1st half with an eye injury. 2nd half off the duquesne miss markel starts with the rebound, nice left hand finish, 9 points, hoyas by three. later more starks, steal and tip this one ahead to himself, drops it for the freshman d' vauntes smith rivera for the lay-in. georgetown over duquesne 61-35. ben olson d.c. united kicking off the eastern conference final game one at houston against the dynamo, 28th minute no score. nick deleon with the heed pass up the left side to leonard pajoy who tracks it down and in it goes, united out to a surprising 1-0 lead. 68th minute game tied 1-1. houston goes ahead to jiles barnes, a nifty move around robby russell. barnes crossed keeper joe willis who gets a hand on it,
10:59 pm
but will bruin there to put it home. houston defeats united 3-1, second leg next saturday at rfk stadium. nfc east battle, eagles hosting the cowboys mike vick forced to leave with a concussion. 3rd 4th, there's the rookie nick foles making an nfl debut. he's downfield, jeremy maclin at the goal line, 44-yard completion with the score, eagles out front 14-10. 4th quarter, bad luck here, pass intended for desean jackson in, and out of his hands and off a cowboy defender and intercepted by brandan carr going the other way, 40 search yards for the score. cowboys -- 47 yards for the score, cowboys over the eagles, the fifth straight loss since 1998. i know it's crazy. here redskins sit on the bye week 3-6 only two games out

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